My research interests are in the following areas:

1. FPGA Prototyping for System Design/Protocol Implementation and Signal Analysis/Signal Processing using Xilinx Tools

2. VLSI (IC/ASIC Design, VLSI Test and Verification, SoC Design, Quantum Electronics) using Cadence/Synopsis

3. Computer Architecture (Quantum Computer Architecture, Scheduling Algorithms, STA and EDA)

4. Parallel Programming on Nvidia GPU using CUDA/OpenCL

Among theoretical and applied topics, currently I am studying/working on the following:

1. Firmware Development for Stratos III Sounding Rocket using ARM Cortex M3 Microcontroller (in association with Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering, DARE)

2. High Level Trigger (HLT) Algorithms at CMS Experiment (2005) and further upgrade for HL-LHC, CERN#

3. John Preskill's Notes on Quantum Information and Computation# (Physics 219)

My notes and articles can be found in the articles section, here.

The aforementioned interests are based on the selection of courses that I have opted during Bachelor and Master Study. For a full list of courses, click here*.

# The research topic is built upon personal effort and is not endorsed/associated with by any organization.
* Link will be updated soon.