Amitabh Yadav

Computer Engineering Masters Student
Delft University of Technology

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Room HB10.300 (Building 36),
EEMCS, TU Delft.

- CERN Summer Student Lectures 2017
- European School of Instrumentation in Particle & Astroparticle Physics Lectures 2017

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Nationality: Indian
About Me

Hi! I am Amitabh Yadav.

I am a 23 year old, Master Student of Computer Engineering at TU Delft. Here, I am specializing in Computer Architectures, Digital VLSI Design and Quantum Computing. I work on a variety of topics including Digital Processor/ASIC Design, FPGA prototyping, Embedded Hardware and Software Development, and Digital Signal Processing. My research interest is in writing firmware for Computing Platforms, designing readout firmware for HEP experiments and designing scalable Quantum Micro-architectures for (future) Quantum Computers.

I completed my Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from UPES, Dehradun in India. Here, I worked on embedded applications in Early Warning Systems and Space Systems. Upon graduating, I spent my summer working on Firmware development and FPGA prototyping at CERN, Geneva.

I am a Applied Physics enthusiast. I study modern physics - selected topics from Nuclear, Particle and Quantum Physics through MOOCs and scientific publications.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, photography, sketching pencil portraits and playing piano.

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